Five Pizza Joints Conquered in Singapore

I love pizza. Period. 

Five Pizza Joints Conquered in Singapore

And I guess they are easier to find than a real boyfriend. LOL. #ah #mylife 

So if you are living in Singapore and feel like dating a pizza, here are some of the restaurants which you can try for a blind date. Hahaha. Jump!

1. Extra Virgin Pizza

Craving for a pizza in CBD area? If you have not known it yet, there is apparently a hidden pizza joint called Extra Virgin Pizza at Asia Square. The location is kinda not easily visible from outside because it is located at the back side of the building (instead of the row of eateries facing Shenton Way). We have ordered the spicy pepperoni because we love spicy food (and spicy pizza too). Taste wise, it's okay but I wish the pizza can be less hard to chew. 

Spicy Pepperoni at Extra Virgin Pizza in Asia Square

2. Pizzeria Mozza

Every foodie in Singapore should have heard (and even eaten here for a few times) about Pizzeria Mozza at Marina Bay Sands. The pizzeria is so popular up to the extent that you need to make a reservation beforehand to avoid disappointment. The pizzeria is very strict with the dining time so if you book a table at 8, you better arrive at 8 and not earlier or later. The prosciutto di parma (SGD31) taste great and it is worth a try. 

Prosciutto di Parma at Pizzeria Mozza Marina Bay Sands

3. Peperoni

If you prefer something more casual with no reservation required, you can make your way to Suntec. Peperoni is situated at basement level of Suntec which is around the fountain of wealth. You can order half and half pizza in one pan. So we ordered Margherita (the half part on top) and Pancetta (the half part below). I love the concept of Pancetta because it has an egg on top of my pizza. Yum! The pizza at Peperoni is not bad but I guess you must order the large size if you come with a big group of people as the pizza is on the thinner side. 

Peperoni Half Margherita and Half Pancetta

4. Bella Pizza 

Have you tried something called White Pizza? Bella Pizza classifies its pizza menu as Red and White Pizza. White Pizza(s) refer to those mozzarella-based pizza while the red pizza(s) refer to tomato-based pizza. The Pizza Mascarpone looks crispy from the outside however, it is very very difficult to cut the pizza dough. Despite the struggle to cut, is pretty good thankfully. 

Bella Pizza Pizza Mascarpone Robertson Quay

5. Timbre Arts House

If you are looking for a nice place to have pizza while listening to beautiful voice of a live band near Singapore River, you can make your way to Timbre Arts House. If you come with no reservation, you probably need to wait in line for at least 30 minutes on a Friday night. But, anyway, the live band will only start at 9PM-ish so you have enough time to order food, eat your food and listen to the live band. I cannot really remember what I ordered but judging from the look, it seems I have ordered pepperoni and some kind of cheesy pizza. LOL. One thing that I remember for sure, the pizza sold by Timbre Arts House. does not disappoint. 

Timbre Arts House PIzza Singapore

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