Good Coffee at Joe & Dough, Millenia Walk

Joe & Dough was set up by a used-to-be banker in Singapore. Cut the long story short, the coffee chains are now located in a number of places in Singapore. It is centralised in those CBD areas where are a lot of office people are working. Joe & Dough offers a different variation of cup of Joe. As it is not as crowded as Starbucks, my friend and I decided to chill out over a good coffee at Joe & Dough in Millenia Walk. 

Other than the usual cup-of-Joe, Joe & Dough also offers food like sandwiches, croissants, tarts, scones and muffins. Joe & Dough also sells cakes. I heard a lot of good reviews about its Gula Melaka Pandan Cake although I have not had the chance to try it yet. Okay, I should add this to list-to-try, despite my uncountable attempts at dieting. 

What I like the most about Joe & Dough is their latte, in particular its hazelnut latte. My friend who claims to be an avert coffee drinker says that the coffee is not strong enough but I love this kind of medium-strength coffee. I am more of chocolate than coffee drinker. Hahaha. 

Hazelnut Latte at Joe & Dough Millenia Walk

The ham & cheese croissant looks simple and yet so delicious. Up to the stage that I forgot to take the picture of it. But thankfully in these modern days, we can just find the picture of anything via Google Image. Credit to the owner of the picture in Google Image. 

Joe & Dough Ham & Cheese Croissant

Where to find Joe & Dough? 

Joe & Dough has more than one location in Singapore. The branch that I visited is located at Millenia Walk, #01-86. For complete list of Joe & Dough in Singapore, please refer to this link.

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