Hipster Cafe in Balestier, the Wheeler's Yard

Nowadays, a lot of cafes popping up and many of them claim to be hipster. So what can exactly be considered "hipster"? I tried to google the word and there are so many definitions about hipster. To cut the story short, it is basically the trend of not following the mainstream culture. So, if that's what you need to be considered "hipster", this cafe in Balestier may just qualify for that term. Welcome to hipster cafe in Balestier, the Wheeler's Yard.

Hipster Cafe in Balestier, the Wheeler's Yard

For a start, I thought I went to the wrong place because this place looks more like a bicycle store than a cafe. Wheeler's Yard do sells all kind of bicycle from the normal one to the mountain bikes. The most interesting fact about the bicycles sold by Wheeler's Yard is that these bicycles are handmade without compromising on the quality. You can also find a various kind of bicycle accessories. If you are a bike lover, you will surely spend a lot of time here. 

Wheeler's Yard Bike Store Singapore

If you are not that enthusiastic about bikes, no worries,  you can leave your bicycles crazy friend and grab yourself a cup of coffee at the cafe. Wheeler's Yard even use the bikes and the accessories as the decoration in their cafe. Nice touch and they really give a hipster feeling to the whole cafe. 

If you come alone, you can block the noise from fellow diners who sit near you by using the music player (complete with the earphone) installed on the communal table. Not all tables are equipped with this cool music player though. 

Music player in Wheeler's Yard Singapore

I am not really into bicycle and the last time I rode one was probably more than 5 years ago. So I straight away made my way into the cafe and order a cup of mocha for myself. Perfect latte art with nice touch of traditional tidbits at the side. I grew up eating those sugary tidbits. Hahaha. 

Wheeler's Yard Cup of Mocha Singapore

Wheeler's Yard only serves coffee and cakes/ waffles before 6PM so we ordered Waffles with Ice Cream and Berries to share amongst the two of us. Sweet waffles and hot coffee makes my day go well. 

Waffle with Ice Cream and Berries at the Wheeler's Yard

If only life can be this good everyday...but then again, in order to afford these food, one must find a sustainable work. The hard truth of life. Unless you are born rich. XD

How to go to Wheeler's Yard: 

The nearest MRT station from Wheeler's Yard is Toa Payoh MRT. We take the train to reach the MRT station and then took bus no. 145 which departs from Toa Payoh Bus Interchange. You need to alight at the 5th bus stop from the interchange (i.e. opposite Shaw Plaza at Balestier Road). After that, simply take out your mobile phone and google map yourself to 28 Lorong Ampas. It should be pretty near the bus stop. 

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