Interesting Attractions at Formosa Aboriginal Culture Village, Nantou

Once you have alighted from the cable car from Sun Moon Lake, you will arrive at a theme park called Formosa Aboriginal Culture Village. The last time I went here, I explored the area which is kinda similar to a Japanese themed park. It's because the whole park is decorated in One Piece style. You can read my adventure with the Straw hat crew here. So today, we are going to the more "cultural" part of Formosa Aboriginal Culture Village. Okay, let's see what kind of interesting attractions at  Formosa Aboriginal Culture Village in Nantou. 

Interesting Attractions at Formosa Aboriginal Culture Village, Nantou

For a start, I personally found that blowpipe archery is quite interesting. Since I have watched some contestants in a US variety show called the Amazing Race trying to do it, I am eager to try it too. It looks kinda difficult to do in telly though. Let's see how hard it can be. 

Blowpipe archery of Formosa Aboriginal Culture Village Nantou

It was very hard to do! My goodness. To make it more difficult, the target is like so far away. Blowpipe archery is a good sport to practice your lungs power. Really. You need to pay NTD100 per round. You will get 15 arrows and 10 darts respectively for each round. 

Blowpipe archery at Nantou

Once you have done your good share of blowpipe archery, you can do a more relaxing activity like sightseeing. There are a lot of traditional houses which are where the Taiwanese tribes live. These houses are for display only. 

Even though it is only for display, visitors can come into the house and take a look of what's inside the house. It is quite realistic. You can move from one tribal area to another tribal area to understand the history of the people, their customs, culture and values. 

You can also do some souvenir shopping because there are gift shops in each tribe area. 

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