Kenting Beach, Life of Pi's filming location

After the huge success of Life of Pi's movie, Kenting beach has become the most representative place for tropical beach in Taiwan. Huh? You don't know where is Kenting located? Well, Kenting is located in the most southern part of Taiwan and it is a popular choice of destination for both locals and tourists. When we were walking around in the beach area, we saw the signboard which shows that that particular section of Kenting Beach is used as one of Life of Pi's filming locations. The signboard will not be complete without the statue of the Bengal tiger, Richard Parker, sitting on the boat. 

Kenting Beach, Life of Pi's filming location

If I am not wrong, Kenting Beach is used as the filming location where the Pi Patel, the main character in Life of Pi, has finally been casted away by the sea to the land. Although in the movie, it was said that Pi Patel has finally reached the shore of Mexico and not Taiwan. LOL.

Kenting Beach in Taiwan

When we walked nearer to the sea, we saw that the beach is very beautiful. No wonder a lot of people love to visit Kenting, even in winter. It is also well known amongst the locals as the best sandy beach in Taiwan. 

Kenting, best sandy beach in Taiwan

This is my favourite activity at the beach, sitting on the white sands while waiting for the wave to come and wash my problems away. Even though people still visit Kenting in winter, I prefer to visit Kenting in summer where the beach is safer as the currents are not too strong for even kids to play at the beach.

Sea activities at Kenting Beach Taiwan

If you are tired and feel like getting a drink or food, you can just walk to the nearest restaurant from wherever you are at the beach. As the beach is famous with tourists, a countless number of restaurants, bars and cafes have opened all around the area. 

Restaurants in Kenting Beach Taiwan

Oh right, if you want to visit another Life of Pi's other filming location in Taiwan, you should go to Taipei Zoo where the lovely pink flamingoes are living. They are really nice to see when they stand together. <3

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