Ronin, a Hipster Cafe in Clarke Quay

Sometimes, I really feel drained from my daily activity and all those office related tasks. Hence, I did not plan any cafe-hopping activity that Sunday afternoon. I just feel like walking around in peace by myself. Little did I know that I was going to bump into one of my good friends who happened to walk around by herself. Funny world we live in. So, the two introverts are joined together and decided to just enjoy our me-time together in a hipster cafe in Clarke Quay, Ronin.

Ronin, a Hipster Cafe in Clarke Quay

Ronin is located at one of those small alleys called Hong Kong Street, connecting Clarke Quay and Boat Quay. It is very easy to miss the cafe because there's no big sign or anything showing that there is a cafe here. But anyway, since we are aware of this fact about Ronin, we managed to find the cafe with the help of Google map. The cafe is not big and since there tables are fully taken, we have to sit on the communal round table. Well we don't mind it though as long we can have our own space without being interrupted by other people. 

Hipster Cafe in Clarke Quay, Ronin Cafe

Since we have not eaten properly for lunch (we did eat some snacks), we ordered food to share amongst the two of us. The most popular dish on Ronin's menu is the Brioche French Toast which costs SGD 14.50. It is basically toasted brioches served with braised apple and fried bacons (yum!). If that's not sinful enough, the honey-like syrup poured on top of all of them. The combined flavor? Delish!

Brioche French Toast at Ronin Cafe Clarke Quay

My friend also ordered Roast Beef (SGD 13.00). It is basically a sandwich with roast beef and veggie inside. It tastes okay but I still prefer the brioche above. 

Roast Beef Sandwich at Ronin Cafe Clarke Quay

And now, we have come to the fun part of our cafe-hopping edition today. The coffee served at Ronin cafe is kinda different. Their coffee art is something that I have never seen somewhere else before. For a start, let's see their first creation called Matcha Toning (SGD 5.50). It is so instagram-worthy, don't you agree? 

Matcha Toning at Ronin Cafe Clarke Quay

The next cuppa of coffee is also one of the creative coffee mix that Ronin Cafe is proud of. It is called The Wicked (SGD5.50). The taste is pretty wicked indeed because of the mixture of mint element. There is even a mint leave on top of the mocha. I could not really appreciate mint and mocha mixed together though and hence, I prefer the Matcha Toning to The Wicked. 

The Wicked at Ronin Cafe Clarke Quay

How to go to Ronin Cafe: 

Ronin Cafe is located at 17 Hongkong Street. It is within walking distance from Central at Clarke Quay (i.e. the building on top of Clarke Quay MRT). We used our google map to lead our way there so I suggest you use the same app. Viva google map! Hahaha.

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