S.H.E. Forever Stars Concert 2015, Singapore Indoor Stadium

"S H E R O! S H E R O!" 

Hey everyone! I have just came back from S.H.E. concert which was held in Singapore Indoor Stadium earlier today. I watched S.H.E.'s concert before back in 2013 but oh well, it is hard to resist the temptation even though I tried to. So, here I was, at S.H.E. Forever Stars Concert in 2015 at Singapore Indoor Stadium. This time around, S.H.E. was not alone though. Their labelmate, Aaron Yan ( 炎亞綸) acted as the show opener for the first 30 minutes (I'd rather have a full S.H.E. concert but oh well, I can't choose, right?).

The concert starts with video as usual. The video shows a historical compilation of S.H.E's music album and promotional activities until today. 

S.H.E. Forever Stars Concert 2015, Singapore Indoor Stadium

After the video ends, the performance started right off the bat with a strong performance of their famous song called Superstar. Selina, Hebe and Ella sounds superb. The girls seem to be in the best condition today. Woot! You are my superstar~~~

SHE singing Superstar at 2015 Forever Stars Concert in Singapore

S.H.E. is able to sing a series of upbeat songs without taking a break. I particularly liked this song called Ai Jiu Dui Le (爱就对了). If you have not checked the music video for this song, you should watch it because the music video is fun to watch and it shows a badass Hebe.

SHE singing Ai Jiu Dui Le 2015 Forever Stars Concert

You can see how wild the crowds is whenever S.H.E. singing the upbeat songs. They are very good at motivating the mood of the crowd with occasional joke and invitation to sing together. 我們一起唱好不好~~~ (let's sing together, okay?).

I was getting bugged by the usher when S.H.E. sang Ta Hai Shi Bu Dong. Zzzz. In the middle of the concert, Ella allows us to take picture and record their performance though. These ushers really need to chill, it's not like I'm gonna record the whole thing. I won't be able to enjoy the performance that way. Although I guess there is someone out there who is totally gonna record the whole thing and sell it off on the market. But hey, Ella permits. Thanks, Ella!! Muachhh!

S.H.E. chatting with the fans 2015 Forever Stars

The screen shows a pretty red rose when S.H.E. sang Ai Ne (愛呢) which happens to be my concert buddy's favourite song too. Too bad, she could not really sing her heart out because she was having a sore throat today. Not only the performer, the audience needs to maintain healthy condition prior to the concert too. =P

For the finale, S.H.E. ended the concert with their three powerhouse songs in a row, SHERO, Hua You Kai Hao Le (花又開好了) and Mei Li Xin Shi Jie (美麗新世界). 

Mei Li Xin Shi Jie SHE Concert 2015 Singapore

There was no encore this round in S.H.E.'s concert. Kinda sad about it but overall, I guess I had a pretty much great time. 

SHE Forever Starts 2015 Singapore

Until next time, S.H.E.!

P.S. Hebe is coming to Singapore for her solo concert, If (Ru Guo/ 如果) on 5 March 2016. The venue will be the same, Singapore Indoor Stadium. There are no details yet about the pricing. Too bad I will not be able to watch her as I will be travelling on that day. My friend is pretty much bummed about it too. Hebe, ke bu ke yi change date to 12 March instead? LOL. #whoarewe #twosadfans

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