Stuff'd, A Kebab and Burrito Stall at Bugis Junction

I really like going to Bugis Junction whenever I totally have no idea of what to have for dinner. When you want to do takeaways, the best idea is usually found in those places where there are a lot of street stalls. Although in Singapore, this country's version of street stalls may not exactly be located on the street. Which is better for all of us because Singapore has humid weather and it is way better to stroll along a comfortable air-conditioned mall while checking out the food stalls. And my last food hunting at the basement level of Bugis Junction led me to a kebab and burrito stall, Stuff'd. 

My friend knew about this stall when I asked her review. She did not buy from the stall at Bugis Junction though. She told me that the kebab is not bad and I should give it a try rather than keep on eating the same thing. Since kebab seems to be the cheapest item on the menu, I happily went with her recommendation. #paydaystillfaraway

There are steps to go through when you are ordering Mexican food like kebab, quesadilla, burrito and veggie bowl. Thankfully, the steps are printed clearly on the glass cover. 

Step 1: Choose your purchase (quesadilla/burrito/kebab/bowl)
Step 2: Choose your vegetables 
Step 3: Choose your sauce (the jalapeno sauce has the kick flavor, you may find it interesting)

They wrap the kebab nicely before giving it to the customer. It even has an inspirational quote printed on the sticker. Hmm talking about starting this stage of my life, I should probably think about alternative way of doing something rather than starting it all over again. Oops, digress for a bit there. Pardon me. #blamethewrapper

The size of the kebab is quite big for a lady. But I really dislike the idea of wasting food and it would not be nice to keep the remains in the fridge and reheat (the veggie will not be fresh anymore) so my solution is to eat the whole thing and then, stop eating anything else for the whole night. XD

Chicken Kebab at Stuff'd Bugis Junction

This is how the inside looks like. It taste pretty good. And it's very filling too. 

For our Moslem friends, Stuff'd is halal certified. If you are bored, you can go to their facebook page because apparently Stuff'd often post inspirational quotes. Hahaha. #myrandomfinding

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