Sunday Brunch at Oriole Coffee + Bar, 313 Somerset

Hello everyone. So glad to reach the mid week in a jiffy thanks to the public holiday that we had yesterday. Two days to go before weekend (although I have to spend my Saturday volunteering at the nursing house which is a corporate social responsibility activity sponsored by the office). Due to all these busy activities in the office, I don't really have time to have a good ol' brunch with my buddy. Well to be honest, we only have two days per week to have brunch and most of my friends are attached and well, weekend is supposedly their lovey-dovey time with the spouse. I suppose brunch with attached brunch buddy has become a rare activity nowadays. #cryme

Since it has finished the renovation, it is time to go back for Sunday brunch at Oriole Coffee + Bar at 313 Somerset. Turns out Oriole Coffee + Bar is now serving all-day breakfast. All breakfast-lovers rejoice!

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Even though the menu has been revamped quite a bit, I stick to my all-time favourite breakfast dish, Eggs Benedict (which is now called 2 eggs + 2 muffins). I don't see the need to change the name of the dish but oh well, we got the point. I'm perfectly happy with my eggs ben...oh wait, 2 eggs + 2 muffins as long as the eggs are poached perfectly. Thankfully, this was the case that day.

Sunday Brunch at Oriole Coffee + Bar, 313 Somerset

Other than the food menu, Oriole Coffee + Bar has also revamped their coffee menu quite a bit. A lot of people is raving about the Taisho M.A.D. Milk. Basically, it is a dairy free coffee so if you are lactose intolerant, you can still drink coffee (I think?). I don't really have issues with milk and the price of S$8 kinda makes me shudder a bit, so I stick to my usual cup of mocha. Perfect coffee art, I see.

A cup of mocha at Oriole Coffee + Bar, 313 Somerset

If you are looking for a place to chit chat over a good coffee in 313 Somerset, you should really give Oriole Coffee + Bar a try. There is a live band on weekend although it starts at night. 

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