The Fascinating Tamblingan Lake, North Bali

Tamblingan Lake is one of the popular destination in North Bali. It is a lake located in the plateau area adjunction to Buyan Lake. As the lake is located at more than 1,000 metres above seawater, the lake is often blanketed by the morning mist. 

The Fascinating Tamblingan Lake, North Bali

The locals heavily protects the beauty of the nature of Tamblingan Lake and its surrounding. Hence, motorboats are forbidden to use on the lake. If you would like to go around the lake, you can hire the fisherman boats owned by the locals. 

Fisherman Boats at Tamblingan Lake North Bali

There is a supernatural history of Tamblingan Lake which is famous among the locals. The lake is used to be surrounded by human villages. One day, the villagers got hit by epidemic illness. One by one the villagers are succumbed by the illness. This lasted until one of the holy shaman went down into the lake to take its water. The water of the lake is used to create medicine for the villagers and the whole villages got healed. Since then, the villagers vowed to preserve the continuity and the holiness of the lake. 

Tamblingan Lake History in Bali

The spiritual power of the lake is emphasized by the number of temples surrounding the lake. There is a total of eleven temples around the lake. Two of these temples, Pura Embang and Pura Tukang Timbang have been around for centuries. 

Temples Surrounding Tamblingan Lake North Bali

The fascinating Tamblingan Lake can be seen from the top hill right from Asah Gobleg countryside, Sukasada district and Singaraja regency, which is located at the north of Bali.

Morning View of Tamblingan Lake North Bali

North Bali has its own beauty to offer. Other than Tamblingan Lake, you can also visit Lovina Beach and Gitgit Waterfall which are located nearby. It is recommended to visit Tamblingan Lake in the morning when you can feel the serenity of the lake and its surrounding.

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