The Pine Garden, a two-storey house on a hill in Hualien

The Pine Garden is located at the north-eastern corner of Hualien city. It is located on a hill overlooking Hualien city and the estuary of Meilun River. There are a dozen aged pine trees outside the Pine Garden.  The Pine Garden was actually a Japanese military structure. It is preserved by the Taiwanese so that it lasts until now. Despite being constructed by the Japanese, the building looks like a building from Europe, being built with bricks, wood, concrete and steel. Leaves has grown all around the house due to times. Nowadays it looks like a natural green house in Hualien.

The Pine Garden, a two-storey house on a hill in Hualien

At level one of the Pine Garden, you can find some shops selling handicrafts and art pieces made from wood. Most of the souvenirs sold in this store are the wooden keychains. These keychains are handmade. The surface of the keychains are so smooth. 

There are also handphone and bag accessories available for sales. Actually nowadays we cannot really hang anything to our smartphone, can we? Makes me wish those high school days where I keep asking my dad to buy me an accessories to hang to my phone. Some of those even has beeping lights. I suppose you can still hang the accessories to your bags. These cute angels will make a cute addition to your bags. 

Hanging cute angels accessories at Pine Garden Hualien

If  you are a stamp collector, don't forget to add your collection by stamping Pine Garden's stamp inside your album. The stamp looks pretty nice. 

Pine Garden stamp in Hualien

The entrance fee to Pine Garden costs 50NTD. It opens everyday from 9AM to 18PM except for the second and fourth Tuesday each month. The Pine Garden is located within walking distance from our hotel in Hualien, Classic City Resort Hualien. However, if you stay somewhere further, you can take a cab to the Pine Garden. Its address can be found below:

The Pine Garden (松園別館)
No. 26, Shuiyuan St., Hualien City, Hualien County 970

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