Things to do in Xi Jie Shopping Street, Yangshuo

Xi Jie Shopping Street is a big and famous shopping district located in Yangshuo, China. It is catered not only toward local tourists but also international tourists. The area is pretty big and hence you can spend at least half a day here. Not sure of what to do in Xi Jie Shopping Street? Jump! 

1. Shop for Chinese silk and cloth

The cloth in China are often made from silk. There are different grades of silk so there are clothes for every budget level. The best one can cost a bomb though.

Chinese silk and cloth store in Xi Jie Shopping Street Yangshuo

2. Shop for souvenirs

Keychains, fridge magnets, pencils and all kind of stationeries can be found here in Xi Jie Shopping Street. The most common ones are the mascot panda from Beijing Olympic back in 2008. 

3. Try out food that you never heard before

Has anyone tried eating Blacksmith Beef before? If not, this will be a good chance for you to try one here in Xi Jie Shopping Street. After all, the store owner did mention that "no good no pay". Although in reality, I would think that the store owner will at least scold you if you do not pay. 

Blacksmith Beef at Xi Jie Shopping Street Yangshuo

4. Get drunk but don't drive

Or you can get drunk later at your hotel room after you bought this bottle of Chinese wine. The alcohol level in these drink is pretty high. Some Chinese martial arts movies even show people who can fight after drinking these alcohol (the Drunken Master, anyone?).

Chinese Alcohol at Xi Jie Shopping Street Yangshuo

5. Enjoy the surrounding mountainous scenery

Xi Jie Shopping Street is surrounded by Chinese natural beauty, the mountains. You can simply take a walk and enjoy the beautiful view of the mountains and the lake here. 

Yangshuo Mountain and Lake China

There are quite a number of restaurants around the shopping street (including McDonald's) and these restaurants open quite late until just before midnight. Some of the bars and clubs stay open until the last guests leave. What a dedication indeed. XD

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