Unique Geological Formation at Yehliu Geopark

If you ask me is there any destination in Taiwan that I can never get bored of, it is Yehliu Geopark (野柳地質公園). It may sound funny because turns out the place that I will not get bored of is a place full of rocks and geological formation. But hey, it's not like you can see unique geological formation anywhere. Singapore does not even have one. So if you are into this kind of nature wonders, you must include Yehliu Geopark in your itinerary when visiting Taiwan. 

Yehliu Geopark Taiwan

Yehliu Geopark is located along a cape stretching out from the town of Wanli. The cape stretches around 1,700 metres and it forms a lovely rock formation towards the ocean. It was pretty cloudy that day so the weather is pretty chilling. 

Yehliu Geopark Cape in Taiwan

In Yehliu Geopark, you will be able to see all kind of rock formations. If there are no names given to any particular unique rock formation that you see, you can get creative and name it yourself. Hahaha. All the rocks here are formed naturally by the combination of water and wind. I suppose whenever typhoon hits this region, the nature is doing its art work here. =P

Unique Geological Formation at Yehliu Geopark

I would like to call the next rock formation, the beer bottle holder rock. Oh gosh, now I am imagining a bottle of ice cold beer. 

Beer Bottle Holder Rock Formation at Yehliu Geopark

Other than rocks, we happened to see a big sea shell. Too bad it was broken. =(

Big Beautiful Sea Shell at Yehliu Geopark Taiwan

There are human-made pathways on which the visitors can walk on to reach various sections of Yehliu Geopark. There are a lot of tour buses visiting Yehliu Geopark so if you happen to visit the geopark at the same time with them, you may need a bit more time to view the whole area. 

Yehliu Geopark Taiwan Travel

How to go to Yehliu Geopark:

I took bus from Taipei West Bus Station - Terminal A. At the terminal, go to Kuokuang (國光counter and purchase a ticket for NTD96 to Yehliu Geopark (野柳地質公園). The journey takes approximately 90 minutes and the bus will drop you on the main road just outside the park entrance. You can see the park entrance at my previous post here

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