West Street (Xi Jie), Yangshuo

Four years ago (omg, time flies), my family and I travelled to China for the first time and I totally did not know why we joined a tour which is led by a church. So yeah, we went to China with a church tour group led by a pastor. LOL. 

Anyway, despite the weird situation above, we still visited the tourist destinations in China though (thankfully) and not the underground church (so not ready for that). When we reached Yangshuo, we had the chance to visit West Street (Xi Jie). Xi Jie is a street which is full of shops. That's why Xi Jie is also known as "international shopping center" amongst international tourists. 

West Street (Xi Jie), Yangshuo

The shopping district is surrounded by mountains. The mountains in China do resemble those mountains depicted in the martial arts movie and Kungfu Panda. They do look pretty majestic too.

Mountains in Yangshuo China

The main shopping street of Xi Jie looks very orderly and surprisingly clean (this does not come often in China). The crowd is also quite okay that day so we don't really have to walk and bump into someone else for every few steps. You will be able to find a lot of things to see here from food, souvenirs, cloths and drinks. 

Xi Jie Yangshuo Tourist Shopping Centre

To maintain the order, there is a small police station spotted in Xi Jie. It looks kinda cute. Hahaha.

Police Station in Xi Jie Yangshuo China

Xi Jie is also known as "foreigners street". We were quite amazed when we heard an elderly Chinese women spoke to the customer in English. A lot of stores in Xi Jie have bilingual shop signs too. I guess I should not feel shocked when I see that there is a Russian shop in the middle of Xi Jie. This shop is just one of the many stores which have been opened by foreigners who have settled here in Yangshuo.

Russian's shopping center in Xi Jie Yangshuo China

You can hire a bicycle to wander in Xi Jie. As a local saying goes: 'no bike, no Yangshuo.' But that day, we prefer to just walk in our pace while happily looking around each stores in Xi Jie. 

"You don't have to have it all in order to move forward."

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