What to see in Taichung - Xinshe Castle

Taichung is the third biggest city in Taiwan. Just like Taipei and Kaohsiung, Taichung is also very popular amongst the tourists. Some of my friends even said that Taichung is their most favourite city in Taiwan. Other that the nearby popular destinations like Sun Moon Lake and Cingjing Farm, there is an attraction located right at the outskirt of Taichung named Xinshe Castle. 

What to see in Taichung - Xinshe Castle

Xinshe Castle took its inspiration from a European castle however, please note that this is no historical castle left behind by the ancestors from long time ago. The whole area is in fact, man-made by the Taiwanese. 

Xinshe Castle in Taichung Taiwan

Being man-made does not mean that Xinshe Castle is not beautiful. If you visit Xinshe Castle in spring or summer, the whole area is filled with lovely pinkish flowers. 

Spring in Xinshe Castle in Taiwan

Visitors can roam the place in a leisure pace because the castle ground alone is very big with a swan lake and big garden surrounding the castle. There is also a restaurant in one of the building where visitors can get food to enjoy. 

Restaurant in Xinshe Castle Taichung

Saw a lady cosplaying as a knight here. Her costume is really amazing with all those details. Her cosplay also matches the whole atmosphere in Xinshe Castle. The Taiwanese really loves Japanese's culture and there is a close tie between the two countries since long time ago, in the war era.

Knight cosplayer at Xinshe Castle

Xinshe Castle is one of those places which you can take beautiful picture as many as you want. I still cannot get my eyes out of the pink flowers. 

Pre-wedding photograph at Xinshe Castle Taichung Taiwan

Talking about photo-taking, it seems that Xinshe Castle is a popular spot for pre-wedding pictures in Taiwan too. The cost of entrance will be more if you want to take pre-wedding pictures here thought. 

Entrance Fees
(For Wedding Photography)
Per Entry 
3,500 TWD

The price of 3,500 TWD is only allowed to accommodate maximum of 6 persons (it comes with free drinks for 6 persons too). Any additional person will be charged according to normal rate of 250NTD per person.

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