5 Best Spots to View Blue Sky in Taiwan

I love blue sky so much but my daily 9 to 5 job does not give me much time to enjoy the blue sky. Okay, zero time to be honest with you. #sad

5 Best Spots to View Blue Sky in Taiwan

When I took sabbatical from my work two years ago, I enjoyed my non-working days so much studying Mandarin in Taipei (well, I come back with only 20 bucks in my bank account but oh well...). One thing that I enjoy the most when it's summer time in Taiwan is the blue sky. Oh my gawd, the blue sky is simply superb. Here are the list of best spots to view blue sky in Taiwan:

1. Fo Guang Shan Monastery 

I am quite surprised that I can see clear blue sky from a monastery. My friend and I visited Fo Guang Shan Monastery in August and this is how the sky looks like from the main square. Fo Guang Shan Monastery is famous for its architecture of the temples and the huge golden statue of Buddha. The destination is also famous amongst the Buddhist who are doing a pilgrimage. 

Fo Guang Shan Monastery in Kaohsiung Taiwan

2. Hehuanshan

There is nowhere better to feel closer to the blue sky other than from the mountain, right? If you agree, you should not miss the beauty of the blue sky viewed from the top of Hehuanshan, a high mountain in the central Taiwan. The peak of Hehuanshan is best viewed on the way from Cingjing Farm to Taroko Gorge. It is situated within the Taroko Gorge National Park. The weather can be pretty cold up there so it is recommended to bring jacket whenever you visit Hehuanshan.

Hehuanshan at Taroko Gorge National Park Taiwan

3. Xincuozai

Situated in the laid back area of Chiayi, Xincuozai offers a beautiful blue sky on top of the salt fields. The little town of Xincuozai is used to be defined by its salt. Although nowadays Taiwan has entered into automation era, the local government has preserved the culture of salt harvesting here at Xincuozai. You can still see the salt fields here in Xincuozai. 

Xincuozai Salt Village in Chiayi Taiwan

4. Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall

This place gave me a surprise actually. I have never expected Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall to be so beautiful under the blue sky. Hahaha. CKS Memorial Hall is a must visit place for everyone who visit Taipei for the first time. You can watch the guard changing ceremony on the level 4 of CKS Memorial Hall. The view from the top is also nice to look upon. During the spring, you can visit the small garden nearby to see sakura trees. They are so lovely!

Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall in Taiwan

5. Qingshui Cliff 

Qingshui Cliff is best viewed on the way from Taroko Gorge to the city of Hualien. There are stops along the mountain path which allow driver to park their small car (I don't think it's feasible to park bus there). Blue sky, blue sea, I guess I can't ask for more. #ultimatesatisfaction

Qingshui Cliff in Taiwan

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