Buda Castle, Hungary

When you are visiting Budapest, it is very recommended that you join the local tour at Buda Castle District. The walking tour is available on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. It lasts for two and a half hour and it costs EUR 27 for adult and EUR 13.50 for children. Alternatively, you can also take your own walk at Buda Castle district. 

Buda Castle District in Budapest

In order to reach Buda Castle, you need to walk past the old town district of Budapest. Some of the notable landmarks in the old town district of Budapest includes Mathias Church and the Trinity Square.

Entrance to Buda Castle in Hungary

Buda Castle is a historical castle and palace complex of the Hungarian kings in Budapest. In the past, Buda Castle was referred to as Royal Palace and Royal Castle. You will be able to see the yellow tree if you visit Buda Castle in November. The castle is now home to the two museums in Budapest, the National Gallery and the Budapest History Museum. 

Buda Castle Ground in Hungary

Buda Castle is built on top of a hill (i.e. Castle Hill) and its height is more than three hundred meter facing the Danube River. Some of the walls and foundations of the ramparts here are original while other parts are twentieth-century reconstructions. You can climb up the steps to see the view opposite the castle. 

At Buda Castle in Hungary

The view from the top of Buda Castle is simply impressive. It is directly facing the Danube and from here you can see the Hungarian Parliament Building. 

The view of the Danube from Buda Castle in Hungary

Closer look at the Hungarian Parliament Building. This is one of Europe's oldest legislative buildings and a notable landmark of Hungary. It is also currently the largest building in Hungary and still the highest building in Budapest. 

Hungarian Parliament House in Budapest

The Parliament Building is also one of the most famous tourist destination in Budapest but as the sun is setting down, I suppose I had to give it a miss today. =(

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