Cable Car Ride to the top of Yao Mountain, Guilin

Yao Mountain is located in the Eastern suburbs of Guilin and it is one of the popular tourist destinations in Guilin. Its main peak reaches 909 meters but the lowest South peak is the one being developed for tourism. Tourists from around the world visit Yao Mountain to go to its peak either via cable car or hiking. 

Cable Car Ride Station in Yao Mountain in Guilin

Hiking is recommended if you visit Yao Mountain in spring but since we visited the mountain in October, we obviously took the easiest path to the park, the cable car ride. The climb was pretty nice because the mountain is surrounded with lush green. The cable car ride took us around 20 minutes one way. It costs 40 RMB one way and 75 RMB two-ways. 

Cable Car Ride to the top of Yao Mountain, Guilin

After we alighted at the station on the peak, we can see the surrounding scenery. Does the mountain remind you of the scene from Chinese movie or Kung Fu Panda?

Mountainous terrain of Guilin in China

Closer look at the mountainous terrain of Guilin. It really looks like a scenery from Chinese movie where the main characters and the villain fight while jumping from one mountain to another mountain. 

There are so many things to see at the top apart from the scenery. For instance there is this sun dial which tells us about the time I suppose? 

Sun Dial at the top of Yao Mountain in Guilin China

Bailu Temple is also located at the top of Yao Mountain. Buddhist visitors can do a praying here at the top of the mountain. 

Buddhist Statues at the top of Yao Mountain in Guilin

We spent approximate one hour at the top. Visitors can relax, rest and shop at the souvenir store located here. Once you have enough fun, you can make your way down via the same cable car. The view is getting better as we come down the mountain as it is not as foggy down here. 

Guilin Scenery from the Cable Car in Yao Mountain

The cable car ride opens everyday from 8:30am to 6:00pm. If you want to take the public transportation, you can take bus no. 24 and get off at Tombs of Prince Jingjiang stop, which is only 5 minutes walk from the entrance. Alternatively, taking a cab from the city center costs about 30 RMB. 

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