Com Nam Vietnamese Street Eats at Raffles City

The younger sibling of Vietnamese chain Nam Nam Noodle Bar, Com Nam is brought by the same Les Amis Group into Singapore. It has set up its first chain at Raffles City in City Hall. While Nam Nam is focusing more on the Vietnamese noodle (i.e. pho), Com Nam offers the Vietnamese version of rice bowls. 

Comnam Vietnamese Street Eats at Raffles City

Com Nam offers a variety of rice bowls and burgers. The restaurant is not that big so sometimes you have to share a table with other people. Their concept of broken rice (which they claim to be commoner's food in Vietnam) is interesting. Not very sure about the authenticity of the food but at least you will be able to find the authentic Vietnamese sauces on the table. LOL. 

Vietnamese sauces at Com Nam Raffles City

That day, I am in the mood to try the broken rice and my eyes went big when I saw they have pork chop. Hahaha I know I am such a glutton. The pork chop broken rice bowl at Com Nam taste pretty good especially when you put a lot of sauces on top of it. LOL. 

Pork Chop Broken Rice Com Nam Vietnamese Restaurant Raffles City

So far, Com Nam is only situated at Raffles City. It is located just next to Nam Nam so you will not miss them at the basement level of Raffles City. Since we are on the topic of Vietnamese food, where do you usually go for a good fix of Vietnamese restaurant? So far, I have not really tried a lot apart from Com Nam and Viet Express, which is located at Far East Square. Maybe I should visit Vietnam one day to know how the real authentic Vietnamese food taste.

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