It's Beginning to Look A lot Like Christmas in Singapore

"It's Christmas time in the city" 

I still cannot believe that it is already the last month of the year 2015. I don't really look forward to 2016, I guess it's because I have to say goodbye to my twenties soon. Oh my gawd, I don't think I am ready yet. Can I be forever young, please? #thirtyisnotoldright

But, Christmas is a beautiful season I guess with all the pretty lights in the city. I suppose the beautiful Christmas decoration (and all the festive food) will take my mind away from the pressure of the coming age for a while. Orchard Road, in particular, is already decked in Christmas gear. I never get bored of the decoration, especially the lighting put in display in front of Orchard ION. So yeah, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Singapore.

It's Beginning to Look Alot Like Christmas in Singapore

The Christmas tree put on display right in front of ION Orchard is sponsored by the crystal giant, Swarovski. From outside, it kinda looks so so, right? 

Swarovski Christmas Tree in Orchard Road

But if you step inside the Christmas tree, well, it's Blue Christmas in here. I'll have a Blue Christmas without you...oh well, at least the crystal is pretty. So many people trying to take picture of themselves with the crystal on the top but seriously that will take some serious photography skill to make it work. LOL. On second thought, it probably can be done if the person who's taking the photo is willing to lie down on the floor while taking the picture... #justanidea

Inside Swavrosky Christmas Tree in Orchard ION

Right across ION Orchard, the Little Prince has its reign upon the Wheelock Place. I never read the story of the Little Prince before but he looks so cute. I should make some time to read this literature from France (which somehow is popular in South Korea, I don't know why).

The Little Prince at Wheelock Place

When you step into Wheelock Place, you should make time to look up and enjoy the magical toy world. It does look like some kind of wonderland for kids. 

Wheelock Place Christmas Decoration at Orchard Road

Did I tell you the lighting decoration in front of ION Orchard have more than one color? Yes, the lighting will change color at certain time interval. Isn't this lovely? 

By the way, it is now 22 days to Christmas (based on Singapore time). Have you bought all the gifts yet? How many gift exchange sessions do you have? I am not really into gift exchange but there's no escaping this kind of activity every Christmas. XD

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