Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

I love December so much because the town is decked in Christmas decorations from head to toes. In particular, I like how the shopping malls in Singapore decorate their Christmas trees because they try to be different from one another. I guess this has turned into some kind of competition between the shopping malls in Singapore. I wonder if the mall who has the most beautiful Christmas tree will get the higher sales for the month? Hahaha. Okay, enough joking, let's check out how the Christmas trees in Singapore for the year 2015 fare.

1. Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands decks its Christmas tree with pink as its theme. The Christmas tree is set up on the gift box which also has pink color. Matchy matchy I see. I find them so-so this year so let's check out other malls then. 

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

2. The Star Vista

The Star Vista is probably more like neighborhood mall instead of major shopping mall. It is located in Buona Vista (which is not really central) but I include the Christmas tree from the Star Vista in anyway because...it's white. If you want to see White Christmas in Singapore version, you can probably visit the Star Vista. They also set up a carousel here so you don't have to go to Garden by the Bay to ride one. 

The white Christmas tree is located pretty high up though so I don't think anyone can take picture with the white Christmas tree. Too bad. =(

White Christmas tree at the Star Buona Vista

3. Somerset 313

You cannot leave out any Christmas tree displayed in Orchard whenever you want to compare Christmas trees in Singapore. I have not got the time to check out the Christmas tree in Takashimaya though. So for this round, I will only include the blue Christmas tree at Somerset 313. The theme of the Christmas tree is pretty unique because I think it adopts "under-the-sea" theme. The problem is, once the night falls and the light is lit on, you cannot really see the "under-the-sea" details on the Christmas tree. 

Somerset 313 Christmas Tree 2015

4. Vivo City

If you visit Vivo City in December, make sure to make time to pop by to level 3 and go outside to the rooftop area. The Christmas tree set up there is always the highlight of the mall every December. The Christmas tree itself is pretty big but if you can, you should come at night. This is because the power of the Christmas tree in Vivo City lies in its lights. LOL. During the day, the Christmas tree looks mild. =P

Sparkling Christmas at Vivo City 2015

Which Christmas tree is your favourite so far? Or you don't mind any Christmas tree as long as there are gifts under the tree? Hehe.

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