Seafood Fiesta at Keelung Night Market

Keelung is one of the port cities in Taiwan. It was historically famous as a commerce and trade centre in the 19th century. Now, a lot of people visits Keelung to have a culinary journey at Keelung Miaokou Night Market. And those people includes us, a few hungry monsters. 

Keelung Miaokou NIght Market Taiwan

Keelung Miaokou Night Market is located adjacent to Keelung Harbour and forms the downtown area of the city. The entrance to the night market is located at the intersection of Aisan and Rensan Roads (愛三仁三路口). You should come to Keelung Miaokou Night Market on a empty stomach.  

Keelung Miaokou Night Market Taiwan

There are a lot of delicious seafood being offered in Keelung Night Market. And oh boy, look at the size of these seafood. The seafood are very fresh because they are brought straight from the nearby harbour. 

Seafood Fiesta at Keelung Night Market

How about some crayfishes?

Crayfishes at night market in Keelung Taiwan

Or...holy-moly, look at all these crabs. We decided to buy whatever we can get while we are walking around. The seafood are enough to make our eyes drool. XD

Fresh seafood at Keelung Night Market Taiwan

We finally found a place to seat in a restaurant which sells fried noodle. The restaurant owner is cool enough to allow us to eat the fried noodles together with all the seafood which we bought earlier on. 

Fried Noodle Restaurant at Keelung Night Market Taiwan

We also ordered some alcohols to wash our stomach. The noodle is not bad, but the highlight of the meal had to be the seafood. 

Fried Noodle at Keelung Night Market Taiwan

If you think we were too full to eat anything else, you were absolutely mistaken. We still managed to buy a few seafood buns to accompany us on our way back to Taipei. The shrimp and oyster buns sold at Keelung Night Market are fantastic. And cheap too. ^^

Shrimp and oyster buns at Keelung Night Market Taiwan

If you are planning to visit Keelung Night Market, you may want to visit Keelung at the end of a day touring Taiwan's North Coast and places like Jiufen or Yehliu. The night market will make a perfect ending to a long day. You can go back to Taipei from Keelung by taking one of the frequent local trains from the train station adjacent to the harbour back to Taipei Main Station. 

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