Sheep Ranch in Cingjing Farm, Taiwan

If you are looking for a farmstay experience in Taiwan, you should make your way to the Cingjing Farm. Cingjing Farm is a mountainous area located somewhere in Nantou. The air up here is pretty much fresh and it is home to a number of sheep ranches. We visited one of those sheep ranches during our last visit to Cingjing Farm. 

Sheep Ranch in Cingjing Farm, Taiwan

The ranches in Cingjing Farm area usually equipped with a bed and breakfast so that visitors can enjoy a farmstay experience here. The bed and breakfast is usually set up like a European cottages. It kinda makes you think you are living like a royals on a holiday. Hahaha. 

Bed and breakfast in Cingjing Farm ranch Taiwan

After we made our payment for the admission fee, we were immediately welcomed by the clear blue sky and green grassland. So beautiful. We never have the chance to see this in a big city where we are living. 

Green grassland and clear blue sky at Cingjing Farm Taiwan

The green grassland also serves as a green pasture where the sheep are grazing. You can buy the sheep palette to feed them but be warned though. The sheep can be pretty much aggressive whenever they are hungry and they see food. On your hands.

I don't really like animals so I did not bother to get close to them. There are a lot of poos all around the grass near them too. But if you are an animal lover (in this case sheep lover), you can get closer to them and pet them too (try to get closer to the one who just finish the meal so they will not attack you for food). 

Sheep grazing at Cingjing Farm in Taiwan

This is the closest I will get to the sheep. LOL. 

Sheep Ranch at Nantou Cingjing Farm Taiwan


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