Tarts party at Tart Blanc, Millenia Walk

When one of my friend, R, asked me out for a tarts party since she has a Groupon voucher (courtesy of her boyfriend who is too busy to use the voucher)...of course, I would not say no, would I? I have never heard of Tart Blanc until this invitation. And to be honest, I did not even manage to find the place and ended up walking here and fro in Millenia Walk. Turn out Tart Blanc is the small white-ish cafe located near Starbucks in Millenia Walk. 

Tart Blanc Millenia Walk City Hall

Tart Blanc is a tart specialty cafe and it offers so many different flavor (some unusual) for its tarts. Did not realise the lighting was so bad near the display fridge for the tarts until I check out my own pictures. Boo! 

Tarts Specialty Cafe at Millenia Walk in City Hall

Thankfully, the lighting at the seating area is way better. The voucher from Groupon allows us to order three different tarts at a cheaper price. The tarts sold at Tart Blanc look very pretty to take picture. Tart Blanc also has a seasonal tart too, depending on the creativity feeling of the cafe owner. Other than the tarts, there are coffees and teas to drink to. 

Tarts party at Tart Blanc, Millenia Walk

After checking out their menu (and the display fridge), we went with our three order of tarts. The first one is the Raspberry Praline Tarts (SGD7.50). The tart has a lot of raspberry inside and hence, can be a bit sourish. However, the sourness mix great with the sweet chocolate chip cookie used as the tart base. 

Raspberry Praline Tart at Tart Blanc Millenia Walk

The second tart that we tried that night was Blueberry Lavender Chocolate Tart (SGD 7.50). We could totally feel the tinge of lavender in the chocolate ganache and despite the initial unfamiliarity, we ended up enjoying every bite of Blueberry Lavender Chocolate Tart at Tart Blanc.

Blueberry Lavender Chocolate Tart at Millenia Walk City Hall

Last but not least is the Blood Orange Matcha Tart (SGD 7.50). I did not particularly like this tart at first. I felt that orange and matcha did not go well together. The funny thing is, the more we take a bite from the blood orange matcha tart, we become more and more accepting and finally able to understand and enjoy the flavour. The feeling is gradual. LOL.

Blood Orange Matcha Tart at Tart Blanc Millenia Walk

Tart Blanc also has savoury items on its menu such as sandwiches and soup. The sandwiches and the soup of the day cost the same at SGD 8.50. 

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