The Container Grill Bar & Bistro, Serpong

Unique themed restaurants are popping by one by one in Indonesia and sometimes they are not necessarily located in CBD area of Jakarta. In fact, we found out about the Container Grill Bar & Bistro when we were picking up my aunt from her house in Serpong area (which is already outside Jakarta I guess). What is so special about this restaurant?

The Container Grill Bar & Bistro, Serpong

The dining concept of the Container Grill Bar & Bistro in Serpong is to let diners enjoy the experience of dining in inside a container instead of the usual room. The container is equipped with proper ventilation, curtains (to block the sunlight) and the air conditioner. We dined it right before noon so we can feel the heat inside the container but all is well when the air con is switched on. 

Dining inside the container at the Container Grill Bar & Bistro in Serpong

Since the weather in Serpong was incredibly hot, we immediately ordered our drinks. My brother had the chocolate milkshake, I have the lychee freeze while Mum stick to her refreshing lemon squash. 

Drinks at the Container Grill Bar & Bistro Serpong

We totally skipped the appetiser menu and straight away dived into the mains. Since there are three of us, we ordered three mains to share amongst us. The dishes that we ordered are all meat dishes. Hahaha. There is no vegetarian in our family for sure. 

First, we started with an order of Chicken Cordon Bleu. The chicken kinda looks small but I guess this is good for us because there is only one guy among us if let's say we ended up over-ordering food. The chicken taste so so though. 

Chicken Cordon Bleu at the Container Grill Bar & Bistro Serpong

Mum ordered the grilled dory fish served in black pepper sauce. By now, we have noticed that all meat dishes are served with the sides, fries/ mashed potato, mac and cheese or coleslaw. The size of the coleslaw given for the fish is somehow lesser than the one given for the chicken cordon bleu. No idea on why there is such an inconsistency but the grilled dory tastes better than the chicken. 

Grilled Black Pepper Dory Fish at the Container Grill Bar & Bistro Serpong

For our last main, we decided to try the specialty of the Container Grill Bar & Bistro, the steaks. Yeah! We chose Mac & Cheese to go with the steak. The steak tastes the best amongst the three of the main dishes that we ordered. It's been a while too since I last had my steak. #workingadultwithstudentbudget

Tenderloin Steak at the Container Grill Bar & Bistro at Serpong

The Container Grill Bar & Bistro is located at: 

Paramount Rodeo Kav 22, Serpong
West Java, Indonesia

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