The Old Town District of Budapest, Hungary

I never thought that the city of Budapest has a lot of things to offer. If you don't know where to go in Budapest, you should make your way to the historical old town district of Budapest. From the old town district of Budapest, you can visit one of the UNESCO World Heritage site, the Buda Castle district. You need to walk for a bit to reach the castle though. 

The Old Town District of Budapest, Hungary

The houses along the street in the old town district looks so lovely. Every little detail like the red roses under the windowsill really adds the romantic feeling of the old town. 

Houses in the old town district of Budapest, Hungary

Even though this is an old town, it does not mean that you can do just whatever you want. Police station is also situated here to keep the safety of the people. Hahaha, my mum rolled eyes at me when she saw me taking picture of a police station's sign. 

Police Station at Budapest, Hungary

Passing by an interesting house along the way to the Buda Castle. 

Which turns out to be a souvenir store. But sadly, we had no time to shop here. We must reach Buda Castle before the night fell in order to be able to see the Danube river. 

Souvenirs from Budapest Hungary

These lovely buildings are restaurants. If you have time, you may want to eat your dinner here. It looks pretty romantic from the outside. I think they call these houses as Baroque residential homes. Well, it does give the feeling of living in that era, right?

Restaurants in the old town district of Budapest in Hungary

The most visited site in the old town district of Budapest is the Trinity Square. At the right side of the square lies one of Budapest's most characteristic building, the Mathias Church, which is over 700 years old. The church has nearly the same age as the Royal Palace. Historically, Mathias Church is used as the place for coronation ceremonies for kings. 

The Trinity Square at Old Town District of Budapest in Hungary

There was a wedding ceremony happening when we visited the square. Wishing the newlyweds a happy marriage! =P

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