Three Best Cafes in Millenia Walk To Date Yourself

I have been single for a while I started to wonder if I am my best company. LOL. 

But seriously, I often find it hilarious when I talk to myself in my mind. I even wish I can give myself a good high-five. 

Three Best Cafes in Millenia Walk To Date Yourself

If you love to be with yourself but not sure on where to do it without being stared or judged or worse, asked to leave (directly or indirectly by the pressure of long queue outside the restaurant or cafe), well these three cafes in Millenia Walk may just be the right place for you. 

1. Patisserie G

Patisserie G is a nice cozy cafe which is selling all kind of gateaux. There are so many people dating themselves here over a cup of coffee and a slice of gateaux. The cafe is cozy enough for us, the loner, to browse our phone, our laptop or simply do some people-watching while talking to ourselves (in our mind or softly). Hehehe. 

Patisserie G at Millenia Walk

2. Joe & Dough

Joe & Dough is a coffee chain which has a number of locations around Singapore. However, if you ask me which branch offers the quietest place, I have to choose either the one situated at Millenia Walk or the one situated at Marina Bay Link Mall. But I find that the one situated at Millenia Walk to be more comfortable as the cafe is slightly bigger than the one at Marina Bay Link Mall. In addition, it also opens on a Sunday. 

Joe & Dough at Millenia Walk Singapore

3. Tart Blanc

I just found out about this little white cafe called Tart Blanc. The cafe's concept is really minimalistic because its space is really small. There are only a total of 6 small tables in the cafe. Tart Blanc spealises in its tarts. It has so many selection of tarts from the normal one to the unique combination like lavender and orange blood chocolate. The tarts taste pretty good and I suppose this cafe will be a lovely place to be with yourself compared to the noisy Starbucks which is just located outside the cafe. 

Tart Blanc at Millenia Walk in Singapore

"Happy is the one who find peace with himself."

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