Three Good Places to Hang Out in Holland Village

I seriously having a question about my faith and in a dire condition of losing heart. But I guess in time like this, you have more reasons to go to church. To hear the God's words. 

The sermon kinda made me realise not to believe in my current changing moods and circumstances and instead put my hope on Jesus alone. I suppose changing moods and circumstances are similar to the view from the window bus. It's keep changing and yet, we keep moving forward. I hope what I'm wishing for will come true soon. 

Meanwhile, there's no point in mopping while waiting. We may as well be merry and jolly and bring our friends out to have a good meal. How about a good meal at one of the cafe(s) in Holland Village? 

1. Breko Cafe

Breko Cafe sells mostly Western food (like the mains, the burgers, and the pastas) and desserts (cakes! yum!). It is located in the main area of Holland Village called Lorong Mambong. It serves a yummy chargrilled salmon with sides. The pasta salad taste good too as a side dish. 

Chargrilled Salmon at Breko Cafe

2. MU Parlour

MU Parlour is another cafe located at Lorong Mambong where you can have a nice burger. We also had a chance to try their cakes. The chocolate cake does not disappoint although it is nearly impossible to dislike a chocolate cake. 

Chocolate cake at MU Parlour in Holland Village

3. The Daily Scoop Ice Cream Cafe 

If you feel like enjoying dessert only while talking to your friends, you can go to the Daily Scoop Ice Cream Cafe and pick your ice cream flavor. The cafe is so popular we barely got a seat here. It may be a tad challenging if you come in a big group. If you don't mind waiting, the ice cream sold at the Daily Scoop is really enjoyable. They have so many different kind of flavors, I have spent quite a long time in front of the ice cream display to ponder upon my choice. My choice of ice cream flavor finally fell on the Rum and Raisin. Yummy!

Rum and raisin ice cream at the Daily Scoop at Holland Village

"Don't worry about tomorrow. 
Don't think about yesterday. 
And don't live in the future. 
Just make it through this day."

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