Top Three Affordable Japanese Restaurants in Taipei

Without the happiness of eating yummy food, I don't think I will last a day on this earth. 

Top Three Affordable Japanese Restaurants in Taipei

When you are travelling to Taiwan, you would be thinking of trying out Taiwanese food or the night market snacks as much as you want, right? But then, it turns out Taiwan offers the best of Japanese food at an affordable price. It is even cheaper than the price of the food in Japan. 

1. Fu Yu Wu Sanuki Udon

The cold tomato udon from Fu Yu Wu Sanuki Udon is something that you have to try at Fu Yu Wu. It is served cold with a big dollop of alfafa sprout on top. If you are an udon lover, you should make your way to Fu Yu Wu at Zhongxiao Fuxing area.

Cold Tomato Udon from Fu Yu Wu Sanuki Udon

2. Fei Qian Wu

I have to say that Fei Qian Wu (肥前屋) serves the best unagi don (re: grilled eel rice) so far in my list. The restaurant only sells limited dishes on its menu but people love them so much up to the point they are willing to queue even right before the restaurant open. Fei Qian Wu is known for its unagi don and one portion of small unagi don has two big slabs of unagi inside it. Yum! You just have to be willing to queue I guess. Fei Qian Wu is located at Zhongshan area. 

Unagi Don from Fei Qian Wu Zhongshan

3. Anzu Katsu

Another Japanese restaurant that you must try in Taipei is a restaurant named Anzu Katsu. It is located in the shopping centre called Shinkong Mitsukoshi at Zhongxiao Fuxing SOGO. Its pork katsu set is really worth all the raves. The set comes with a bowl of misu soup, a bowl of unlimited supply brown rice (you can select white rice too). When we came at 3pm on a weekday, there is no queue so I guess if you don't want to waste time queuing, do avoid peak time like lunch time or weekends. 

Anzu Katsu Zhongxiao Fuxing SOGO Taiwan

I think there are a lot of Japanese restaurants out there waiting to be found in Taipei. I guess the next time I visit Taipei, I have to embark on a journey to find them all. LOL. 

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