Year of Steps at Wenwu Temple, Sun Moon Lake

During our last visit to Sun Moon Lake, we had more time to explore our surrounding compared to our first visit. We made a stop at Wenwu Temple, one of the tourist attractions surrounding Sun Moon Lake. 

Sun Moon Lake in Taiwan

Wenwu Temple was actually built by using the compensation money given by an electric company from Japan. History said that during the Japanese occupation period, there were two temples on the banks of Sun Moon Lake. One in Shueishe Village and another one is what is now called Yitashao. When the Japanese built their hydroelectric power plants, the water levels rose and the temples had to be removed. And that's how the Japanese electric company ended up paying compensation. 

One of the main feature of Wenwu Temple is the Year of Steps. 

Wenwu Steps of the Year at Sun Moon Lake Nantou

Before the round-the-lake road was built, visitors can only reach Wenwu temple by taking boat to the pier below the temple and then, climb up a very steep flight of steps. The steps was historically referred to as the "stairway to Heaven". However, due to the now-very-convenient round-the-lake road, the steps have become forgotten because well, human beings tend to choose the more convenient way to do something. 

Year of Steps at Wenwu Temple, Sun Moon Lake

The steps have been renovated and there are now 366 steps covering the 150-meter distance, symbolizing the 366 days in a year (including an extra day in leap year). At every step that represents the first day of each month, there is a platform whereby visitors can stop and rest. 

Year of Steps at Wenwu Temple Sun Moon Lake Taiwan

After climbing up and down the year of steps (which I hope can make me look a few years younger than my current age), we decided to take a rest and made our way to the nearest cafe around Wenwu Temple. 

Cafe near Wenwu Temple at Sun Moon Lake Taiwan

We saw that there is an ice cream stall which looks very nice from the signage.

Ice Cream Stall at Wenwu Temple Sun Moon Lake

The ice cream stall is famous for its milk tea flavor ice cream. Despite its humble look, the milk tea ice cream taste pretty good. ^^

Taiwanese Milk Tea Ice Cream at Sun Moon Lake

If you are visiting Sun Moon Lake, you can check out the Year of Steps at Wenwu Temple. The view from the top is pretty amazing too. If you have more time to spare at Sun Moon Lake, don't forget to try out the round-the-lake guided cruise. It's really awesome and it's fun to listen to the history being told while cruising around the lake. 

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