49 Seats, Bugis+

We came upon 49 Seats when we were looking for a place to eat in Bugis+. 49 Seats is located at the top floor of Bugis+, right outside the verandah. But diners don't have to worry that the restaurant is hot because it has its own air-conditions instead of adopting al-fresco style. 

49 Seats serves mostly pasta and I don't know why, it seems that 49 Seats adopted prison style because they served the pasta and the drinks in metal utensils. I ordered the smoked duck spaghetti carbonara and the carbonara comes like a soup instead of pasta sauce. While the smoked duck taste not bad, I would prefer my pasta to be more on the al-dente side instead of soupy side. 

My friend ordered the tom yum seafood spaghetti and well, seems like the soupy sauce is the trademark of 49 Seats. The taste of the tom yum can be tasted and it mixes quite well with the seafood and the spaghetti but once again, can the sauce be less soupy? 

Tom Yum Seafood Spaghetti at 49 Seats Bugis+

I would not even be wondering if I start to hear someone slurping the pasta sauce because well it does come out like a soup. I wonder if the other branch of 49 Seats at Orchard Central fare better but for now, I think I will give this place a skip. Unless I have no other choice. 

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