American Diner at Overeasy, Liat Tower

Overeasy occupies the space which is used to be occupied by Wendy's in Liat Tower. The place is frequently flooded whenever rainy season hits Singapore but let's hope that the drainage system has been improved so that Overeasy will not suffer the same ill-fate.

Anyway, since it has not rained that frequently nowadays, we figured that it is time to go to Overeasy, which seems to adopt American diner style, just like TGI Fridays. As how the rest of American diner goes, Overeasy offers a various type of burgers and sandwiches.

Burgers menu at Overeasy Liat Tower Singapore

We ordered the burger which is named "The To-Die-For" because well, it seems to be a nice cheeseburger from its description. Cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and the special sauce. Hmm, no idea about the special sauce but we went for it anyway. The burger tastes quite nice although it gets pretty dry if you leave it out for too long. 

The To Die For Burger at Overeasy Liat Tower

But I love Overeasy's Mac and Cheese. The taste of the Mac and Cheese is just right, without being too much. I will probably come back here for its Mac and Cheese. Hahaha. 

Overeasy Mac and Cheese Orchard

Overeasy has another location at Fullerton Hotel but the one located at Fullerton Hotel seems to be catered for fine dining instead of casual family diner. 

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