An Evening with Lovely Pancakes at Strictly Pancakes, Dhoby Ghaut

"We think all our customers deserve good beating." - Strictly Pancakes

An Evening with Lovely Pancakes at Strictly Pancakes, Dhoby Ghaut

It's been ages since the last time I mentioned about coming to Strictly Pancakes to my friends. We only managed to materialise this intention few months after when everybody have the time. When we came around 5pm-ish, there were practically minimal souls inside the restaurant. But we don't really mind because thanks to that, our orders will come slightly faster. The butter and the maple syrup came first. 

Butter and Maple Syrup at Strictly Pancakes

Strictly Pancakes has both savoury and sweet options for its pancakes. Since there are three of us that evening, we ordered two savoury pancakes and one sweet pancake. Our first savoury pancake is called Potatoes Leeking Cheese. We thought the cheese is gonna leaking from inside the pancake but turns out it's cooked together with the leek and potatoes inside the pancake's batter. A dollop of sour cream is given at the side of the two stack of pancakes.

Potatoes Leeking Cheese at Strictly Pancakes Dhoby Ghaut

The second pancake looks smaller in comparison to the potatoes leeking cheese. It is called The Sunny Porker. It is basically a bacon pancake and a sausage pancake served with the sunny sides up on top of both pancakes. The amount of corns at the side is too little for my liking. 

The Sunny Porker at Strictly Pancakes Dhoby Ghaut

The main highlight of that pancake date that evening should belong to the sweet pancake called Tiramisu. Kahlua infused mascarpone cheese slathered over three chocolate pancakes with a scoop of vanilla ice cream at the side...and look at the amount of cocoa bits. I am in heaven. Chocolate heaven.

Tiramisu Pancake at Strictly Pancakes Dhoby Ghaut

How to go to Strictly Pancakes: 

Make your way to the nearest MRT station, Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station and follow the map accordingly.

The restaurant opens everyday.

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