Californian Izakaya at Adrift, Marina Bay Sands

Adrift by David Myers is a California izakaya restaurant situated at the hotel lobby of Marina Bay Sands. We did not really plan to dine at Adrift but we looked for a place to dine in at Marina Bay Sands before Christmas at a very tight timing. Surprisingly, Adrift provides us with a lot of dinner timing for reservation on a Tuesday night even though we only reserved like two days before. So here we are at Adrift, two days before Christmas. 

Californian Izakaya at Adrift, Marina Bay Sands

As mentioned above, as Adrift is an izakaya restaurant, it offers a lot of small plates dishes which are perfect to accompany you drinking out. The funny thing is, none of us ordered the drinks that night because...well, alcohol kinda makes you feel heaty and we were planning to visit Gardens by the Bay after dinner. Imagine feeling hot under a humid weather in Singapore. Horrid. So yeah, I guess we have to come back here one day for the drinks. XD

For a start, there is a small plate of complimentary crackers which is given to every table on the house. The crackers come in three different flavor and it is served with a dollop of yuzu mayo. Simple food and yet taste good. 

Complimentary crackers at Adrift Marina Bay Sands

I read so many good reviews about the Baby Spinach Salad and it was indeed superb. The baby spinach salad is served with hazelnut and shimeji mushrooms. It is one of the must order dish from the cold section of small plates dishes. 

Baby Spinach Salad at Adrift Marina Bay Sands

We did not really like eating raw stuff and most of the cold section of small plates dishes are served raw so we quickly moved on to the hot section of the small plates dishes. First is the Duck Confit Gyoza. We find this small plate tastes so so. Could not really tell if the meat is duck. I wonder if our tastebud is that bad. XD

Duck Confit Gyoza at Adrift Marina Bay Sands

The King Crab Melt though taste fantastic. It is basically a toasted sandwich of alaskan king crab, jalapenos and butter pickles. The amount of the king crab is a lot (and hence, the higher price) and we really enjoyed this small plate dish the most. 

King Crab Melt at Adrift Marina Bay Sands

So far, we love the izakaya concept of Adrift. Can't wait to try out their dessert in the next visit. 

How to go to Adrift at Marina Bay Sands: 

1. Take cab and ask the driver to drop you at the hotel lobby

2. Take the train and go to Bayfront MRT Station. Make your way to the hotel lobby. 

Adrift is located at the opposite of the lift leading to Tower 2 of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. If you are not sure on how to reach the restaurant, you can either ask the hotel reception or the concierge at Marina Bay Sands the Shoppes. 

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