Easy Hike in Yangmingshan, Taiwan

If you are looking for a walk surrounded by wilderness but not really the thrill-seeker, you should visit Yangmingshan when you are travelling in Taipei. Yangmingshan offers a lot of options for hiking trails from the easy one to the more challenging one. We are not really those hiking-addicts and hence, we chose the easy option to walk in the mountain from the Yangming Park (which entrance is located near the Flower Clock, one of the main attraction in Taiwan). Our walking trail starts here.

Easy Hike in Yangmingshan, Taiwan

Somewhere in the park, we were passing by a statue of Wang Yang Ming, who is a famous Chinese scholar in the 17th century. 

Statue of Wang Yang Ming in Yangming Park Taiwan

The path has led us to a stairway to the deeper side of the mountain greens. The path at Yangming mountain is already paved and hence, it is not difficult to walk on. Not like those mountains which I hike in Indonesia. Some of the paths are still natural and full of rocks and can be slippery after the rain. 

Hiking trail in Yangmingshan Taiwan

We saw a lot of trees along the trail path. Refreshing scenery considering that we see high-rise buildings everyday in the big city. 

A walk in the mountain at Yangmingshan Taiwan

A lot of ferns are spotted along the pathway too. 

Ferns in Yangmingshan Taiwan

Somewhere inside, you will find this beautiful scenery of a small pond surrounded by the trees. Magical. 

Hike from Yangming Park in Yangmingshan Taiwan

How to go to Yangming Park: 

You can get to Yangming Park by riding S8 bus which is leaving from Shipai MRT Station or the S9 bus which is leaving from Beitou MRT Station. 

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