Humble Meatball Lunch at Club Meatballs, China Square Central

"The humble meatballs, arguably the greatest invention known to man" 
- Club Meatballs

Humble Meatball Lunch at Club Meatballs, Far East Square

Club Meatballs is a restaurant located in the hip area of Telok Ayer, China Square Central. It serves a humble food called meatballs in two ways. You can have the meatballs in your subs (just like Subway's I guess?) or in your salads. Meatballs salad, hmm, now that sounds pretty good too. Club Meatballs serve different food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But since we are working nearby Telok Ayer, we only manage to try the lunch menu. Let's see how it goes. 

Club Meatballs Lunch Menu

When my friend told me about meatball salads, I kinda thought that the ingredients of the salad have been fixed by the restaurant but turns out, we can do a mix and match of ingredients for our salad. The meatballs are part of the proteins choice available for the salad. The price of the salad will depend on what kind of ingredients you pick because each ingredients has their own price tag. There are a variety of different flavours for the meatballs from wagyu & rosemary to salmon & coriander balls. My first lunch buddy salad choice are salmon & coriander meatballs, guacamole, walnuts with basil and pine nuts pesto dressing. Seriously I don't know if her choice qualifies as salad despited the amount of greens in it. XD

Meatballs Salad at Club Meatball Far East Square

My second lunch buddy's choice for his salad bowl, pork and fennel balls with baby spinach and salsa verde dressing. The salsa verde kinda looks like sambal (re: a type of chili dressing). I prefer the pesto dressing because the dressing for 2nd lunch buddy's salad tastes kinda weird. 

Pork and fennel meatballs salad at Club Meatballs

I don't feel like eating salad so I chose the meatball subs. Turns out the subs can be replaced by wrap so well, I chose to replace because I thought meatball subs will make the food looks like Subway's food. LOL. The meatballs chosen are spinach and falafel meatballs although after ordering a number of meatballs, I can't really differentiate them anymore. 

Spinach and falafel meatball wrap at Club Meatballs Far East Square

The third lunch buddy decided to keep it as meatball subs and she chose ciabatta bread to go with the meatballs. Wagyu & coriander was the flavour that she chose for her subs. The ciabatta were pretty hard to bite (not that the bread is naturally known for its softness but nonetheless...).

Meatballs Subs at Club Meatballs Far East Square

The meatballs served at Club Meatballs are pretty tasty although I cannot really decide which way is the best way of enjoying the meatballs. I guess the choice depends on each individual's preference. 

Club Meatballs' address: 


Nearest MRT Station:

Telok Ayer (Downtown Line)

Chinatown (Exit F)

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