Kofteci Ramiz, an outside grill restaurant in Turkey

A few days into our tour journey in Turkey, we were kinda craving for a kebab because we often identify Turkey with the yummy kebab. Turkish kebab, no? But our tour organiser had not fed us any kebab at all for at least, half the trip. At this point, I think I will be happy enough if they give me any grilled meat. Suddenly, in the middle of the road from Cappadocia to Konya (I think...I kinda forgot too because there are so many road trips we made in Turkey), we made a stop to eat. 

During our pit stop, our tour guide brought us over to have meal at a restaurant called Kofteci Ramiz. Okay, based on this tissue box, we are somewhere in Akhisar, I guess. 

Kofteci Ramiz, an outside grill restaurant in Turkey

As how our meal usually starts in Turkey, the waiters served us...greens. At this rate, I kinda lost appetite toward the salad. The salad made in Turkey is very healthy and by healthy I mean...bland. The only dressing they put on the salad is olive oil and my way of eating salad is by drenching those veggies under the caesar sauce. XD

Turkish Salad in Kofteci Ramiz

I love Turkish cream soup though. Kofteci Ramiz served us the chicken soup. Yum! 

Kofteci Ramiz Mushroom Soup Turkey

When the plate of the main course arrived in our table, everybody rejoiced. Finally, we were given a chance to try out the grilled meat in Turkey. The grilled beef is served on a pita bread with a slice of tomato. The meat tastes superb (although I suspect the effect is added by the fact we have gone into many days without grilled meats). 

Grilled Beef on a Pita Bread in Turkey

Turned out, Kofteci Ramiz is one of the well-known restaurant chains for grilled stuff in Turkey. Oh well, even though, it was only a pit stop, we were glad to finally able to taste Turkish grilled meat. LOL. 

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