Lunch Time at Mad Poet Gastrobar, Far East Square

I have cutting down on my dinner cost by making lunch appointments instead. There are so many restaurants in Singapore which offers lunch menu, which usually has cheaper dishes compared to dinner menu. Sometimes you don't feel like having a lunch appointment at the food court because you want to have a comfortable chit chat with your friend. But at the same time, you also feel like saving money. The solution is to dine in the restaurants at lunch time. Haha.

We are going to eat lunch at Mad Poet which is located just beside &SONS at Far East Square. Mad Poet offers a various kind of lunch time dishes from pasta to sandwiches. 

Lunch Time at Mad Poet Gastrobar, Far East Square

I just had pasta the other day so this time, I ordered Philly Styled Cheese Steak. The sandwich is served with a few bits of tortilla chips. Mad Poet does not put a lot of beef steak in that sandwich but taste-wise it is not bad. I wonder if the lack of meat is the main reason of why they are able to keep the price at S$10. XD

Philly Styled Cheese Steak at Mad Poet

After lunch, we visited the nearby Spinelli to continue our chat. I guess my lunch plan to save cost did not really happen that day with an extra order of hazelnut twist at Spinelli. 

Hazelnut Twist at Spinelli

Where do you usually go for lunch? Are you the type who save cost over lunch or dinner? I realise it is getting harder and harder to save money on food with all the rising costs. U_U.

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