Panorama Kaptan Osman, Cappadocia

My trip to Turkey was one of the best journeys I have ever taken in my life. It is pretty sad Turkey has become kinda devastated in the tourism industry because of its recent havoc due to terrorism. Nonetheless, Turkey has always been a beautiful country. I really love my trip back then to Cappadocia. We went to this place where we can see the panoramic view of Avcilar Valley from Panorama Kaptan Osman (re: Captain Osman).

Noone knows the origin of Kaptan Osman but now, the place is also referred to as Kaptan Osman Cafe because there is a small cafe there right at the side of the valley where visitors can eat peanuts and peaches while drinking the apple tea. If you are looking for some kind of souvenirs from Turkey, the cafe also functions as souvenir store selling statue of Cappadocian houses. 

Souvenir of Cappadocia houses Turkey

A few metres from the cafe, you will find a small hut which functions as ice cream parlor. The name of the person behind the ice cream bar is not Osman though. He will play tricks to whoever buying the ice cream but it's all fun and harmless so you don't have to be wary. The Turkish ice cream tastes good. 

Turkish ice cream stall at Panorama Kaptan Osman Turkey

Our tour guide bought a few peaches for us to try. They taste sweet and juicy. Nice!

Turkish peaches at Panorama Kaptan Osman Turkey

Okay, why are we here again? Our main reason to come all the way to Panorama Kaptan Osman is not solely to enjoy eating peanuts and peaches. We come here for the panoramic view of the beautiful Avcilar Valley of Cappadocia. This kind of natural view is only one in the world and I am so grateful to be able to enjoy such beautiful view during my journey to Turkey.

Panoramic View of Avcilar Valley in Cappadocia

The sky was so clear too because we visited Turkey in the heat of the summer. If you are visiting Turkey around the same time (August), don't forget to wear a big shade and apply sunblock. It is really hot. 

Summer Trip to Panorama Kaptan Osman Cappadocia

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