Parfait Night Out at Honeymoon Dessert, Bugis Junction

"Handmade of Happiness" - Honeymoon Dessert

Honeymoon Dessert is a popular dessert chain in Singapore. It offers a various style of both hot and cold desserts from traditional Guangdong sweet soups to modern fusion treats. For us, Singapore dwellers, honeymoon dessert provides us an option to extend our night out longer without having to go to Starbucks every time. Hahaha.

Parfait Night Out at Honeymoon Dessert, Bugis Junction

I was not looking for any traditional dessert items in particular that night. In fact, my friend and I were more interested in the fusion sweet treats, especially those dishes which look like Japanese parfait. We were quite surprised that Honeymoon Dessert is now selling these parfaits. Maybe it is due to fiercer competition from Japanese cafe like St Marc. Hahaha. 

My parfait consists of bean curds, red beans, cereal flakes, two slices of banana, vanilla ice cream and a stick of almond Pepero.

Honeymoon Dessert Parfait

While my friend opted for a slightly traditional parfait which consist of bean curds, cereals, red bean, glutinous rice balls and green tea ice cream. 

Honeymoon Dessert Green Tea Parfait

The parfaits version created by Honeymoon Dessert taste okay although I never have a superb parfait. A good place to have a nice chat with friends over dessert. 

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