Seeking Angelina, Capitol Piazza Singapore

It's funny that there are three ladies who know each other from office and all of them like cakes. Okay, on second thought, most ladies that I know love cakes, anyway. And now, in order to satisfy our craving for new cake, we made our way to Capitol Piazza in City Hall. 

Seeking Angelina, Capitol Piazza Singapore

The reason why we came all the way to the Capitol (sounds like we are in Hunger Games movie) is because we want to hang out at Angelina Tea Room and Patisserie, which is situated there. When Angelina has just been opened, a queue is always spotted at its entrance (it happens everytime a new restaurant is opened in Singapore though).

Angelina Tea Room and Patisserie at Capitol Piazza Singapore

We saw a lot of raving comments in the social media platform for two menu served in Angelina. One is the chocolate drink while the other is its Mont Blanc cake. The famous chocolate drink is called Chocolate "L'Africain". You can have it hot or cold. Due to the extremely humid weather that day, I chose to have it cold. After I ordered and drank it, the waiter came by and explain that the chocolate is better drank hot. Duh, should have told me before I ordered it, shouldn't you? Well, the cold one does not taste bad though apart from the fact that the taste will get diluted once the ice cubes melt. 

Angelina Cold Chocolate "L'Africain" drink

And here comes the main star of Angelina, the Mont Blanc. I heard a lot of stories, once of them said that the cakes are especially flown all the way from Paris to Singapore in order to maintain the authenticity of the cakes served here (at least in the earlier days of the opening). With that kind of effort (and the hefty price tag for a cake at S$13.50, wtf), of course, we are expecting some kind of magic from the Mont Blanc.

Mont Blanc at Angelina Tea Room and Patisserie Singapore

We took a bite and we were surprised because we though that the French does not take sweet stuff and the Mont Blanc is damn sweet. Too sweet for its own good, to be honest. I don't think the taste justify the price at all. =(

Mont Blanc at Angelina Capitol Piazza Singapore

How to go to Angelina: 

1. Take the train to City Hall MRT Station
2. Take the exit B, halfway through the exit, you will see a pathway leading to basement level of Capitol Piazza
3. Make your way to Angelina which is located at level 1 of the building

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