Sunday Lunch Date at Dazzling Cafe, Capitol Piazza

The last time I ate at Dazzling Cafe was the night before typhoon hit Taipei back in summer 2013. My friend visited me and as what most locals do in Taipei the night before typhoon, we...spent our last few hours before typhoon came in shopping mall. And we had a good time sharing our honey toast back then.

Determined to share the same experience with another friend, I visited Dazzling Cafe again two years Singapore. 

Sunday Lunch Date at Dazzling Cafe, Capitol Piazza

Dazzling Cafe has opened its branches in Singapore. The first is located at Capitol Piazza in City Hall while there is another one coming up at Orchard Gateway. I came slightly before lunch time on a Sunday and I have to wait in the line because the whole restaurant is packed. Oh well, at least I was the first in line and there are only two of us. 

Dazzling Cafe Capitol Piazza City Hall

15 minutes later, the waiter ushered us in and we made our order swiftly. I miss the taste of the fruit tea served at Dazzling Cafe in Taipei. The fruit tea served in its Singapore branch tastes pretty similar I think. A refreshing choice for a hot summer day. 

Fruit Tea at Dazzling Cafe Capitol Piazza

Despite the heat, my friend still need her coffee hot. The hot latte came up quite pretty. I guess that's a good decision to order your coffee hot for Instagram purpose. 

Hot Latte at Dazzling Cafe Capitol PIazza City Hall

We ordered the buffalo wings and it comes in five meaty pieces. The buffalo wings taste pretty good and I love the BBQ taste that it gives. 

Buffalo wings at Dazzling Cafe Capitol Piazza City Hall

We only ordered one main to share amongst the two of us because we wanted to leave some space in our stomach for the honey toast. My friend wanted to order the seafood marinara pasta. I am usually getting pretty irritated when the amount of seafood that the restaurant gives is too little for the price tag. But Dazzling Cafe provides a reasonable amount of seafood in the pasta dish and so, I am a happy customer.

Seafood Marinara Pasta at Dazzling Cafe Singapore

Finally, here comes the main star of our Sunday lunch date, the honey toast. There are so many different flavors you can choose for the honey toast. Our Black Chocolate Honey Toast looks pretty mild compared to the Matcha Honey Toast. So if you want your toast to be dramatic, go for the matcha. The waiter or waitress will give customers a moment of food-photography before offering his or her service to cut the toast. 

Black Chocolate Honey Toast at Dazzling Cafe Singapore

Overall, I prefer the honey toast flavor sold in Taipei because they really come like a huge tower of toast and ice cream and ice cream sauce. And the price tag in Singapore is pretty steep for the honey toast (average SGD 15). Since I have no other choice, I think I will still come back every time I have a crave for honey toast. 

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