The Gelato Flower from Gelarto Rosa, Budapest

When we were doing our morning admiring St Stephen's Basilica in Budapest, we started to check out what actually exist in the surrounding of the basilica. Well for a start, there is a Starbucks Coffee here. They are really everywhere around the world. 

The Christmas drinks offered in Starbucks around the world look pretty much the same though. 

Starbucks Christmas Drink Advert in Budapest

There were not many people yet that day because if I'm not wrong, it was Saturday or Sunday morning. Not many shops are opened too. 

However, a gelato shop called Gelarto Rosa has opened for business that morning and I, being a sweet lover, was lured in. The flavor offered for the gelato are a lot and most of them are interestingly tempting. 

The Gelato Flower from Gelarto Rosa, Budapest

The store staff told us that we can choose two flavours and he will make it looks like a flower. Oh wow, I am sold. My cousin asked me if I wanted to share the ice cream with her but there are certain things in the world that I am reluctant to share and one of those things cream. Especially the one in flower shape. LOL. 

Gelarto Rosa Budapest Hungary

So she ended up choosing her own ice cream thanks to her cousin's stinginess. #sorrysis #buttwoisbetterthanone

She picked strawberry and vanilla gelato for her flower ice cream. Her ice cream looks pretty. 

Strawberry and vanilla flower ice cream at Gelarto Rosa Budapest

While me, on the other hand, choose crazy color like green for my flower. Oh well, pistachio is yummy and green flower is rare, right? =P

Pistachio and Vanilla Flower Gelato at Gelarto Rosa Budapest

A few guys from our tour group are unwilling to buy their own ice creams but keep asking us to let them take picture of our flower ice cream. So annoying. Geez, go buy your own ice cream, please. #possesivecontinues

P.S. You need to use Hungarian currency to buy ice cream because they don't accept Euro. We ended up swiping our credit cards for two cones of ice creams. XD

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