Time to eat healthy at Cedele, Singapore

I do not remember how many times I have included losing weight as a new year resolution. I always over-eat in December (due to all those festivities and everything) and hence, go into repentance mode in January (not always working though). If you are thinking of going into the same repentance mode in January, I guess you are finally thinking of turning into salad as one of your dining options. If you happen to live in Singapore, good news for you as there are a tons of salad shop around the country. One of them is Cedele.

Time to eat healthy at Cedele, Singapore

Cedele has so many branches in Singapore up to the point I stop counting. Initially Cedele did not sell any salad nor does it have any salad bar. If I'm not wrong, it started to offer salad two years ago and well, it turns out to sell pretty well. Customers can pick a salad base (lettuces or baby spinach) + 2 proteins (i.e. meat such as fishes, chicken or sausages) and 4 veggies (e.g. tomatoes, corns, mushrooms, beans, etc). You can add the sauce at the end of the selection (i.e. caesar, plum sesame, etc). The salad bar offered at Cedele is pretty extensive and I wonder if that's the reason why the whole salad bowl costs me at least SGD 9.90. 

Salad Bar at Cedele Singapore

The portion that they give though...is humongous. I can only finish this if I skip a meal during the day. Otherwise, I end up wasting food. Haizz. The portion would be perfectly okay for a guy though, I guess? 

Salad Bowl at Cedele Singapore

Cedele also sells other stuff like sandwiches and cakes. If you are interested, you can find them at basically most shopping centres and CBD areas in Singapore like Raffles Place (where all the salad stores went into a fierce competition for the office crowd).

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