Turkish Dinner at Hamandali Restaurant, Cappadocia

After going through the process of carpet weaving in one of the weaving schools in Cappadocia, we were supposed to make our move to our dining venue, Hamandali Restaurant, which is located quite near to the school. However, we were still quite early and the restaurant is not ready for dinner yet. We had no choice but to linger around the yard for a while. 

Beautiful Turkish flowers

Thankfully, there are a lot of beautiful flowers to adore while waiting for the time to pass. And to take picture with. 

Turkish flowers in Cappadocia

The Turkish flowers look very beautiful from closer look too. I seldom see flowers in my daily life inside the concrete jungle and hence, the excessive adoring mood. Hahaha.

Turkish flower

My brother had his silly and yet creative idea of making the flower fashionable. =P

Flower with sunglasses

After half an hour, we finally boarded our bus and went to the restaurant. Hamandali restaurant is popular amongst tourists because it is actually a cave restaurant. Yes, you will have the experience of eating inside a cave. First, there is this potato souffle kind of pie. 

Potato souffle at Hamandali Restaurant Cappadocia

And the spinach mushroom soup. 

Spinach Mushroom Soup at Hamandali Restaurant

The main courses are then served together with rice because we, Indonesian, can't survive without rice somehow. Hahaha. There are pasta(s) too and all kind of grilled meats. 

Turkish Dinner at Hamandali Restaurant, Cappadocia

The food served at Hamandali Restaurant is not bad and once you are full, you are not supposed to leave the restaurant immediately because Hamandali restaurant also offers Turkish performances such as belly dance and sufi dance. 

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