10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Arashiyama Delicacies, Kyoto

What should you do if you are getting hungry in Arashiyama? Look for the nearest food stall of course. Arashiyama is thankfully filled with a lot of food stall here and there, especially along the main street. If you don't know which stall to choose from, the easiest hint is to follow the queue line. This stall has a line so we were pretty much lured by curiosity. Hahaha. 

10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Arashiyama Delicacies, Kyoto

The stall sells pretty extensive menu despite its size. For colder days, you can buy hot sweet sake or hot ginger lemon. Both drinks are sold at 300 JPY. 

Japanese Hot Sweet Sake and Hot Ginger Lemon

If you are looking for snacks, the stall also have it. The dango (re: green Japanese dumpling and sweet made from mochi) looks pretty good *drool*.

Arashiyama Snacks Stall Kyoto Japan

There are so many variety of snacks offered by the snack stall, I had difficulty choosing one...

...and ended up with a cone of soft served ice cream. We ordered the four-in-one ice cream so that we could taste all the flavours offered by the stall. Talk about being greedy...hehe. The ice cream flavours are pretty interested. The bottom one is vanilla (hidden beneath the cone), matcha (green tea), sesame and sweet potato. The only flavor that I have never tried before is the sweet potato and wow, it tastes yummy. To be honest, everything in Japan tastes yummy except wasabi because I don't really like the sting feeling that I got when tasting wasabi. Hahaha.

Soft served ice cream at Arashiyama Kyoto Japan

If you are visiting Arashiyama in spring, the neighborhood is filled with pretty flowers and this does not include only sakura. There is this cute purple flower which I never see before. So lovely!

Spring in Arashiyama Kyoto Japan

And a lot of violets too. I seldom see violet in Indonesia and Singapore so it's really nice to meet them here at Arashiyama. 

Violet Flowers at Arashiyama Kyoto Japan

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