10D9N Spring Japan Trip: How to Go to the Ninjatown, Kyoto?

Thank goodness we are staying near to Kyoto Station so that it's easy to travel from one station to another station. In fact, our hotel, Ibis Styles Kyoto Station, is located right across Kyoto Station. Super convenient indeed. Since we are in Kyoto, we were pretty curious about one of the tourist attractions in Kyoto named Toei Kyoto Studio Park (or also widely known as Ninjatown). The nearest station to Ninjatown is Uzumasa Station. It is within reasonable walking distance from Uzumasa Station (10 minutes of leisure walk).

Uzumasa Station Kyoto Japan

Uzumasa is actually a quiet neighbourhood. The train station is not big and once you step out from it, you can feel the vibe of Japanese neighbourhood where children are playing while their mothers are chatting (and watching them too). Another thing about Japan, a parking lot can look so pristinely neat in Japan. 

You don't really have to use your GPS to locate Ninjatown because there are a lot of signs showing you the right direction to take to Ninjatown. Once you see the railway, you just need to walk further down and you will reach Ninjatown shortly. 

10D9N Spring Japan Trip: How to Go to the Ninjatown, Kyoto?

After walking a few blocks, you will reach the entrance of Ninjatown. We shamelessly asked the entrance guard to help us taking picture here. Hahaha please pardon us the tourists, guard-san. 

Ninjatown Kyoto Entrance Japan

An adult ticket to Ninjatown costs 2,200 Japanese Yen. I've realized that we need to pay quite a high fee to enter any kind of attractions in Japan. U_U.

Entrance fees for Ninjatown Kyoto Japan

Since we have paid that much, I must utilise all the chances to take pictures with the Ninja(s) hidden all around the studio park. Some don't really hide that well I suppose. LOL.

Toei Kyoto Studio Park Ninjatown Kyoto Japan

Ninjatown has a map of the studio park in English. Go grab one as it will come in handy when you got lost inside the studio park. It will also help you plan your way inside the studio park too. 

Ninjatown Map in English

Be prepared for a lot of ninja(s) photos in the next post. #shurikensayhello

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