10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Souvenirs from Arashiyama, Kyoto

Apparently, the magical sakura umbrellas that I saw earlier is just the beginning of the temptation. What kind of temptation? The temptation to donate all my Japanese Yen to Japan's economy. Everything sold in most of the stores at Arashiyama main street is screaming "cute". If you don't believe me, how about we start from this store which sells Japanese soft roll?

Arinco Japanese Soft Roll at Arashiyama Kyoto Japan

Have you ever seen a roll made into a chick? And these chicks are cute up to the level I don't think I have the heart to eat them. Okay, probably I won't even open the box. #ijustcant

Cute Chick Japanese Soft Roll Arashiyama

If you are not really into food, there are tons of souvenirs sold at these stores. For instance, there is this handphone accessories in the form of Japanese kimono. All kind of color and patterns for your choice. 

10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Souvenirs from Arashiyama, Kyoto

A medium-sized Kokeshi (re: wooden Japanese dolls). The Kokeshi(s) have similar hairstyles but they are wearing different kind of kimono. At least different in color and patterns. 

Cute Kokeshi at Arashiyama Kyoto Japan

Don't even talk about animals. Whatever kind of decoration made resembling an animal looks super duper cute. Cats? Rabbits? Even pigs and toads are cute! #justtakemymoney

Animals soft toys at Arashiyama Kyoto

I nearly carry the fake plant with a toad couple home but my friend kicked some sense into me. I suppose this may be a tad difficult to carry around as we are going to visit several cities in Japan and Arashiyama is just our first stop, for goodness sake. 

Cute plants with animals at Arashiyama Kyoto

I think before I know it, I have spent quite a while coming in and out of these stores. If you like window shopping (or real shopping), do allocate some time to browse and shop as the number of stores like above is countless in Arashiyama. XD

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