10D9N Tokyo-Kyoto-Osaka-Tokyo Spring Trip

Can't believe it takes me nearly one year to finally start blogging about my Japan trip last spring. If you haven't decided on where to go in spring, you may want to go to Japan because the cherry blossom is really beautiful and you don't want to miss that. If you decide to go there, you may want to book your accommodation quickly because they are selling pretty fast in this season. 

My friend and I decided to go to Japan from 20th March to 29th March last spring and oh boy, the decision was totally pushed by Singapore Airlines' two-to-go promotion. Not everyday you can snatch a return ticket to Japan from Singapore at the cost of SGD700. 

In summary, we planned to visit the following cities during our 10D9N trip: 

1. Tokyo (because SQ flies to Haneda Airport)

2. Kyoto

3. Osaka

A lot of people said that our plan was pretty ambitious because travelling between cities takes time even though you can travel via the awesome high-speed-rail (re: shinkansen) in Japan. But well, we are the type of "cram-it-while-you-are-there" traveller and we made it happen somehow. The most important thing to check if sakura watching is your main purpose to go to Japan in spring is the sakura blossom forecast. Thankfully, the information is easily available at japan-guide.com. From the forecast, it seems that the sakura will start to bloom in early April this year. You can probably plan your travel between the first and second week of April. 

Gonna write about my experience in Japan last spring in between my random posts here. Godspeed!

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