Cocoa Colony, 313 Somerset

Chocoholics will love this post because for a change, there is a cafe chains which specialize in chocolate opening all around Singapore called Cocoa Colony. I did not really know when exactly the craze starts but up-to-date, Cocoa Colony has a lot of branches all around Singapore. From the display, you can see that Cocoa Colony has so many things to offer other than chocolates. For instance, how about some cakes and those huge chocolate balls?

Cakes at Cocoa Colony, 313 Somerset

If you prefer something a tad savory, how about some pastries from the table?

Croissant at Cocoa Colony 313 Somerset

If you are not sure whether drinking chocolate is beneficial to you, Cocoa Colony even list the top 5 benefits of cocoa and put it on display on every table inside its premise.  I know that chocolate is good to boost happiness but well, I don't mind all these benefits too. Kinda makes drinking chocolate is somehow encouraged, right? Hehe.

Benefits of Cocoa at Cocoa Colony

I have not had my lunch yet though when I visited Cocoa Colony, so I ordered a wrap on top of my iced chocolate. Cocoa Colony has various fillings available for the wrap. Mine is tomato and beef if I'm not wrong. 

Iced chocolate drink and wrap

My cafe-hopping buddy also ordered a wrap but hers has chicken-based filling. The wrap used for each filling is different too because hers came in white while mine came in yellow. 

Chicken wrap at Cocoa Colony

The wraps taste so-so because after all, the main highlight of Cocoa Colony is the chocolate drinks. If you want to taste the real cocoa, you should order the hot one. The cold one ain't bad either but it will taste diluted after a while. 

Cocoa Colony chocolate drinks

Cocoa Colony has so many locations in Singapore such as Plaza Singapura and 313 Somerset. 

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